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Become the Czech TrailKing!
In the competition period of July 1 – October 28, 2019, visit up to 6 selected Czech trail-centers, evaluate local trails, receive interesting benefits and get into a draw for great prizes!

  • Install
    Install the SINGLETRACKER APP on your phone (it is the Trail-King competition platform)!
    The app also includes practical features such as “Trail Navigation” and “Visitor Ratings”.


  • Competition period
    In the competition period of July 1 – October 28, 2019, visit at least 4 of the following trail-centers in any order:
    Cyklo Arena Vysočina, Rychlebské stezky, Singletrail Moravský kras, Singltrek pod Smrkem, Trail Park Klínovec, Trutnov Trails tonie music.


  • Evaluate!
    Enjoy local trails in each trail-center and evaluate at least 2 of them in the SINGLETRACKER APP upon your personal preference.


  • Check in!
    Do not forget to “check-in” your visit in the SINGLETRACKER APP: Start the “Adventure” placed on the map above the city of Prague and tick off that you have visited the selected trail-center (button “Redeem”): GPS works with a 50 meter offset in the vicinity of the trail-center / buffet.


  • At each trail-center you will get an interesting gift or discount:
    – Cyklo Aréna Vysočina – reflective band
    – Rychlebské stezky – Free Beer
    – Singletrail Moravský kras – Multifunctional Scarf with Singlekras logo
    – Singltrek pod Smrkem – Free Coffee
    – Trail Park Klínovec (* no immediate bonus – free lift passes will be in the final prize draw on October 31)
    – Trutnov Trails – Free Beer

    The gift / discount will be redeemed in the SINGLETRACKER APP

    upon a unique 4-digit code provided by the trail-center staff satisfactory kann nicht downloaden.


  • Become King!
    – Ride 4 trail-centers to earn Bronze TrailKing!
    – Ride 5 trail-centers to earn Silver TrailKing!
    – Ride 6 trail-centers to earn Golden TrailKing!
    You can always find a list of all current “TrailKings” in the SINGLETRACKER APP!


  • Win prizes!
    On Thursday, October 31 a final prize draw will be held. There will be a plenty of prizes in the draw provided by the organizers: ČEMBA (Czech mountaibike association), Singltrek s.r.o onedrive all files. and MOTTINO ApS and their partners. All the Bronze, Silver and Golden Trail-Kings will be automatically included in the prize draw!

Cyklo Arena Vysocina

Rychlebské stezky

Singletrail Moravský kras

Singltrek pod Smrkem

Trail Park Klínovec

Trutnov Trails


This competition runs on the platform of the Singletracker ™ MTB app.
The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. Read more about it here…




Discover bike trails across the Czech Republic! From the pure flow at Singletrail Moravský kras to the legendary Singltrek pod Smrkem and further on to the amazingly entertaining Trail Park Klínovec! When you get enough, continue to Cyklo aréna Vysočina where you can also try the technical sections of the one and only UCI MTB Cross-country World Cup race Download music from youtube for free.

And don’t forget to hit the unique Trutnov Trails with their amazing rocky trails where your biking will raise into another dimension. You can complete your journey by visiting Rychlebské stezky, which will well prove your bike technique and make you fall in love with them because of the stunning atmosphere and beautiful surroundings!

Does the proposed order not suit you? No worries! Build your adventure just the way you like it! You are the king in deciding the order of your bike trips…





 ‘Rychlebky’ as Rychlebské stezky are called are perhaps the most popular place in the MTB community in the Czech Republic. And it is no wonder why. It is a complex network of trails made to provide an entertaining biking experience in the heart of the lovely countryside. Riders can use both old paths made of stones, and modern flow trails.

All trails are rideable in rain, too, and they start and finish at the Headquarters – RS Information Centre – in the municipality of Černá Voda download pages. This locality is intended for riders with some experience.




Singletrail Moravský kras offers two trail heads of one-way trails for mountain bikes that are beautifully set in the countryside and will provide you with an immense amount of fun. Trails are smooth rather than rough, and have a great “flow factor”. The first part of the project is located in Jedovnice (about 25 km north of Brno), where you will find nearly 30 km of trails.

Three more trails that resemble what can be ridden in Jedovnice have been built recently in Mariánské údolí on the edge of Brno. Here, the length of the trails is nearly 30 km again. You can easily connect both trail heads through natural trails in the area and the fact that the natural trails are such a great fun to ride makes Singletrail Moravský kras a perfect place for longer holidays kostenlos ganze albenen.



Singltrek pod Smrkem is a very first location for mountain bikes in the Czech Republic. It is located at the foot of the Smrk mountain that lies in the northern part of the Jizerské hory mountain range, close to Nové Město pod Smrkem.

Singltrek pod Smrkem offers approximately 80 km of trails both in the Czech Republic and Poland. It is divided into several sections of varied difficulty. Singltrek pod Smrkem can be ridden by mountain cyclists with various technical skills and fitness, beginning with small children with parents, all the way to experienced riders.

There are four levels of difficulty and moreover, the degree of difficulty can be modified by speed. Singltrek pod Smrkem trails are famous for their long and entertaining descents on slopes of steep inclines of the Smrk massif radio to download and take with you.



Trail Park Klínovec has nearly 30 kilometres of trails and 70 kilometres of routes for MTBs that use the current network of marked paths. Klínovec is also the only place of the six included in the contest that is equipped with a 6-person chairlift – this means that you can enjoy long hours of great fun!

All trails run down from the top of Klínovec mountain, and descent through local forests to the lift station in Jáchymov. There are four difficulties of trails in Trail Park Klínovec, which means that anyone can ride here: beginners, families with children and experienced and advanced riders, too. Absolute beginners to mountain biking can have some train rides on the pumptrack located at the start of all trails..



This network of one-way trails for mountain bikes that is located at Čížkovy kameny and Jestřebí hory, close to the town of Trutnov, may be rather young, however, it is very popular (not only) among Czech mountain bikers msp downloaden pc. It offers rather raw and mainly natural technical trails of various degrees of difficulty.

The trails are built in such a way that they are interesting for all categories of bikers. Experienced trailbuilders are proficient in how they work with the terrain and natural features available to them, and create a number of fun elements that make the ride technically demanding, but extremely entertaining and smooth.



Mountain bike trails in Nové Město na Moravě are a logical continuation of the local mountain bike racing tradition, and are built in such way to bring the experience of racing to the widest cycling audience possible. Everyone can find what suits them and their skills and fitness.

Cyklo Aréna Vysočina offers technically easy, fun and safe trails for children, natural trails for handicapped cyclists on wheelchairs or hand bikes, and even very demanding trails for experienced riders eiskönigin 2 herunterladen. Difficulty of these trails comes out of the trends in building of trails for Mountain Bike World Cup races.