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In most rental markets, landlords offer tenants a choice between a monthly lease or lease. Tenants are generally offered a rental agreement at a lower rent than a monthly rental agreement, with tenants committing to a longer rent. The longer a tenant stays, the lower the cost of operating the rental property to the landlord. Excessive turnover of tenants is expensive for landlords not only in dollars and cents, but also in physical wear on the ground, plus the reduced reputation of rental property in the commune. Hello, I need help and advice, please. I am a landlord and the first 2 years with my tenant, we had an AST and the deposit was protected, but at the end of the second year we agreed to get the lease between us as “Rolling Contract” or [periodic rental, as I know now], how the tenant was not sure to stay or any future plan Etc. Suffice it to say that I expired the protection of deposits and that the periodic lease lasted 2 more years! The relationship with the tenant was quite correct for the 4 years and even until the exit, a notification of several months was given by the tenant the exit obligations were honored, etc. on both sides and the deposit was returned in its entirety [1400], although I mentioned that I had expired the protection of deposits , still no problem. Now 10 weeks later, I get a letter before the action [Model] failure to protect the down payment for the rest of the year and pursues me up to 1 to 3 times the amount of the deposit!………… Where am I now? Much appreciated advice as quickly as possible. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. We are about to terminate my tenants 1 year contract with a 6-month break clause.

I ask them if they want to renew the contract for an additional year, and they say that I confirmed it during the visit after the first year we entered into a periodic lease. That`s not true, but I`m sure it was just a misunderstanding and so far they seem good tenants, but as I`ve never used it before the periodic rent, I`m a little worried about applying it without signing anything and I don`t like the idea of a short-term 1 month delay (as they pay the monthly rent). Do you know if it is possible to sign a new AST contract without the 6-month break clause, including that both parties must give two months` notice to leave? Therefore, if your agent contract says “Pay for the term of the lease” and Case 2 applies above, I think you won`t have to pay if the tenant stays (but you could, if you allow the broker to enter into a new lease). Keeping a property as a common rental means that if the property is sold, after deducting mortgages, real estate agents` fees and legal fees, the net proceeds of the sale will be divided equally between two or more owners. This is most likely the situation, even if an owner puts more money into the property than anyone else. For these reasons, the vast majority of leases are safe. Prior to February 28, 1997, all leases were entered into in the form of a lease agreement (AT), unless a notification indicating an AST had been signed. The undisputed popularity of the AST towards its more restrictive “cousin” meant that this situation was reversed from 28 February 1997 and that all guaranteed leases automatically converted to shortholds, unless otherwise stated. Where can I get an AST? There are many AST agreements from a large number of sources. Make sure these agreements are up to date and also grant the desired lease.

Digital agreements can usually be tailored to your specific requirements and are therefore preferable. I have serious problems with my landlord, I think I`m on a periodic lease now that my firm life has ended. Q I recently renewed my lease for an additional year, and I noticed a rent-ending clause that says if I broke the lease prematurely, I`d have to pay 1000 $US. I am concerned because a job transfer or another move out of