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The 96.4% vote in favour of the agreement underlines the success of the negotiations. . – Up to 2 days per year of personal leave can be used as a grandparent`s leave at the birth or adoption of a grandchild. – Paid parental leave increases to 6 weeks after 12 months of service to a maximum of 10 weeks after 3 years of service. – introduction of the supplement allowance on the basis of HDWA rates. – additional leave – up to an extra week of leave for HSUWA members working in the professions of thought, therapy and health assistants in Bethany, have shown that working with their union allows them to achieve real improvements in wages and working conditions. – At least 12.75% increase in quantum wages over 42 months – Increased classifications were considered to be a number of employees who received more than 4% initial increase – Long-term leave can be taken with 1/2 of the salary for double the period, or double the salary for 1/2 of the period. Constant changes and restructuring make it difficult to improve employment conditions, wages and wage increases. To make the most of your gross salary, we offer salary wrapping services worth up to $15,900. Bethanie is one of the largest providers of non-profit aged care services in the VA, which offers quality villages, residences and care homes throughout the Perth metropolitan area (from Yanchep to Mandurah) and in the southwest (Bunbury Eaton). – Access to a long-term proportional service after 7 years of service – Special Leave paid 2-day conditions after the birth of a grandchild HSUWA Workplace Representatives, with HSUWA organizers Susan L`Herpiniere and Gilbert Reid, worked closely with Bethanie Management to achieve the best possible result for members. Negotiations on enterprise agreements continue: – An additional one-week leave for designated postal workers should keep an eye on leaflets and other information and ensure that they attend meetings to discuss workplace and employment issues.

When it comes to negotiating a new business exchange agreement, it is in your interest that you actively participate in this process and help achieve the best possible outcome. We can only do this if we work together with their work – teamwork – of collective strength. – recognition of union staff and employment with a paid training period. – The classifications of health professionals are being restructured. – The workload of retail employees after 6 p.m. has increased to 25%. – Paid parental leave – 18 weeks of payment of the difference between the payment of parental leave paid by the government and the usual salary of the worker – New enterprise agreement regulating the salaries and conditions of employment specific to Serco employees at Fiona Stanley – a mixture of provisions that are akin to both public and private hospital operating agreements. HSUWA recently reached a new agreement with Amana Living and negotiations are underway with Juniper Aged Care and RAAFA WA Aged Care.

– Leave Paid Communicable Infection Available – No Limits – New Allowances – Bus, Manual Handling/Conservation, Safety and Health at Work . – Royal Australian Air Force Association Residential Care Last year, the EU successfully negotiated, with the support of its members, enterprise agreements to improve the wages and working conditions of more than 4,000 workers: during school holidays, parents can benefit from a subsidy for their childcare costs.