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Olympique de Marseille is once again under Uefa`s objective of not respecting the stakes imposed by financial fair play. The French association, along with the Poles, was referred by Lechia Gdansk to the Chamber of Judges of the Club Financial Control Body, at the end of an investigation into the periodic checks provided in the transaction contract for the current season. According to the chief investigator of the supervisory body, the French did not comply with the conditions set out in the agreement… Factors cannot be taken into account when the association proposes a “voluntary agreement”: in this case, the company itself proposes to the UEFA body a plan to fall into the necessary financial balance. For AC Milan, it was rejected in December 2017 and doubts remain that led the European body not to opt for the “settlement agreement”. UEFA wrote that “the Board of Investigation considers that there are still uncertainties regarding the refinancing of the loan and the repayment of the loans to be carried out by October 2018.” The transaction agreement implies that clubs must be constantly monitored by Uefa for an election which usually includes three sporting seasons and which is subject to qualification for a European competition. The Board of Investigation of the Club Financial Supervisory Body has informed of the follow-up of the transaction agreements signed in recent years with four clubs that have reached their respective deadlines. In the event that a club does not meet the economic requirements of financial fair play during a certain period of supervision, it may enter into a transaction agreement with Uefa by accepting certain sanctions and taking operational measures to meet them. Manchester City, PSG, Galatasaray and Italy Inter and Roma have signed transaction contracts. With regard to the monitoring of other clubs that participated in the UEFA 2019/20 club competitions, the CFCB Investigation Board found that LOSC Lille, Istanbul Baaksehir and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC did not meet the break requirements. At the bec of the CFCB Chief Investigator, the three clubs entered into individual transaction agreements.

The Investigative Chamber of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) announced today that ten clubs for which investigations have been opened after non-compliance with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) break-even rules have agreed individually on transaction agreements. The news comes directly from Uefa, which described in a statement the results of the clubs in relation to the settlement agreement: The limits of the framework – Inter has accepted the limitation of players to be included in the A list of their framework for European competitions for the 2015-2016 season and 22 of the 2016-2017 season. restrictions that may be lifted between 2017 and 2018 if the first economic and financial objectives of the transaction agreement are partially met. No thorns from Uefa. Olympique de Marseille will participate in the next Champions League, although it has not complied with the rules of financial fair play. The French club, which was referred to the jury of the Club Financial Control Body for violation of the pickets imposed by the transaction contract, was fined 3 million euros, in addition to the 15% reduction in the proceeds of participation in Uefa tournaments in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. The Marsigliesi… Not surprisingly, Inter withdrew their settlment contract with Uefa in 2015 due to financial fair play violations. Uefa itself made it clear in a statement in which it stated that the Nerazzurri club was in line with the general objective of the agreements and that it was leaving the comparison regime.