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One of his friends, Joe Tombari, was almost “that” for life when, in 1982, he failed to mark someone on the school day list. It was indeed the end of the game for the group for a long time, as they continued their separate paths in life, but a meeting about 8 years later led to replay the game and this time a day of participation agreement throughout the month of February and which “he” at the end of the month has the title “it” until the following February. The contract was written by Patrick Schultheis, a first-year lawyer. For the record, Spokane`s Mike Konesky is currently “he.” Good luck next February, Mike. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that your commitment to a ridiculous schoolyard game has inspired a great movie. Between classes, high school boys would mark each other, and the one who is “it is” would remain so in class. It went on for a long time, and then they all went to university, got married, had children, etc. But later, they came back to start the game again! Look at the review I`ll do it next weekend, if you`re still skeptical about seeing the movie! The game is still running, five years after the article, but things are about to reach a whole new level. Apparently, someone found the epic story of this 30-year-old game so tempting that they decided to turn it into a movie – and now this movie starring Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress and the man who played Jason Bourne is coming out in theaters. What`s the name of this movie? Yes, you guessed it: day.

Ten friends started this game at a prep school in Washington and called themselves “Tag Brothers”. They made alliances, involved their wives and friends as lookouts, and even professional friends help. While it may seem aberrant to think that a group of middle-aged men has been running a daytime game for more than two decades; At the heart of their commitment is the dedication to keeping their close bond alive. Now that they have spread all over the country, they have married, have careers and have children, it is not easy to see each other as before, but for a month a year, they never know when an old friend might jump out of a bush to surprise them, literally. The lawyer Schultheis wrote a contract, the Day Participation Agreement, which noted the rules of the game, for all to sign and then the game resumed. Over the years, the annual game has become bigger and more intense. The boys would involve their friends and family members in their plans to mark one of the brothers. You can take a break! Ah, that`s it. It`s a fun idea.

But a player has twins and a toddler and needed a break. In this case, it makes sense. And I`m sure if one of them had been injured or something else had happened to one of them, they would understand each other. “The best part of this game is that it has kept us in touch all these years – it forces us to meet and has created a strong bond between us, almost like brothers. How many [40-something] can say that they still see nine friends with whom they went to school? We joke that we are still going to play in our retirement homes.