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Methamphetamine Disclosure (§ 55.1-708) – Discloses to buyers that the dwelling was previously used to make methamphetamine and that the house has not yet been cleaned according to state health procedures. Septic System Disclosure (§ 55.1-703 (B) (8)) – A statement that informs the buyer that a house`s septic system is defective and needs to be repaired as soon as they acquire the property. Defective disclosure of dry construction (§ 55.1-705) – Necessary when selling real estate containing a defective dry structure. Disclosure of new dwellings (§ 55.1-706) – When a contracting authority builds a new apartment and the contracting authority sells the house with knowledge of factual defects that would lead to a violation of the Construction Code, it must disclose to the buyer the material defects in this declaration of disclosure. In addition, this disclosure must be given to the purchaser when the land is located in whole or in part in a mining area or if the land is located near abandoned pits, shafts or mines. Declaration of Publicity for Residential Property (§55.1-703 (A)) – A disclosure of real estate that protects the seller from certain debts. Sellers are required to provide advertising to buyers, unless they are expressly excluded….