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It has many advantages over similar applications: 1) Contains several thousand proper names, including full names, trades, nationality, date of birth and death for about 65,000 famous people and deities and about 24,000 places, namely countries, cities, rivers, mountains, etc. He also knows the names and dates of 65,000 popular movies, books, songs and albums. These proper names are essential for the solution of general knowledge notes that can represent up to 20-25% of crossword puzzles. These indications are the type you know or not, that is, difficult to guess, if you do not know a particular person, you are usually stuck.2) Provides filters to reduce the list of possible answers. It is essential if few letters are known. You can filter z.B. rarely used words.3) Select the language from the list of words from a wide selection of downloadable dictionaries. Currently, 26 languages are available (see below).4) Contains 5 different modes for solving crosswords, anagrams, synonyms, code words, and cryptic crosswords. The code word mode allows the user to indicate which letters are already known (and therefore are not taken into account for unknown letters) and which unknown letters are the same (i.e. have the same code number). The cryptic mode contains additional help with many examples.5) Solves “two words” answers.

This is very useful in combination with first and last names of famous people. It also finds anagrams with “two words”.6) Display answers in multiple columns. Optimized use of screen space.