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The Board of Directors of the UFCW Local 401 Dental Care Trust Fund has published an updated plan brochure for the ufCW Local 401 Dental Care Plan. This brochure is available for download below. The brochure contains details about your dental coverage and the rules for use from 1 January 2020. Plan members and their families are encouraged to read this brochure prior to dental treatment to be aware of the right to coverage, the date and extent of treatment, and the submission of claims. If you have any questions, please contact the plan administrator at 1-866-961-6147 or Here is a list of information and updates we shared with Superstore union members during negotiations with Loblaws in Alberta. The Impact of New Public Health Measures on UFCW Local 401-Members Store Address: 11839 26 Avenue SW Edmonton, AB T6W 0C8 Store Address: 17303 Stony Plain Road NW Edmonton, AB T5S 1B5 Store Address: 9 Haineault Street Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1R8 2020-04-15 – Superstore Negotiations Update – Start of Negotiation With a well-prepared bargaining team, we will negotiate hard and push Loblaw to do it, improve working conditions in the Superstore. We plan to negotiate by the summer and get Loblaw to approve a new treaty as soon as possible. . 2020-07-01 – Negotiation Updates from Our First Meetingssubstore Bargaining Committee members discuss our first meeting with Loblaw as we negotiate a new contract for Superstore Alberta employees. We have planned and prepared negotiations with Loblaw for a new union contract for real Canadian Superstore Employees. Here you will find regularly updated information about our bargain campaign. Store Address: 5251 Country Hills Boulevard NW Calgary, AB T3A 5H8 2020-03-26 – Just before takeoff! Appointments are scheduled to meet with your employer to obtain improvements in your employment contract.

We will conduct “open negotiations”. The concept of open trading and rotating bargaining team is presented in the accompanying video. Store address: 15915 Macleod Trail SE, Unit 100 Calgary, AB T2Y 3R9 subscribers needed! Researchers conduct study on COVID-19 carnal plant outbreaks in Alberta Below is information on part-time RCSS employees, expenses, and application forms.